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Free 50k followers socialenablers co Beyond just delivering a tone of free followers to your account, how about you start gaining them yourself. There is real pride in working for something- but if it takes longer than necessary, enter your username and claim free 50k followers. Below are other ways you can naturally gain free followers on Instagram.

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Clean Up Your Account

You need quality photos to gain Instagram followers. If you haven’t been posting nice HD pics, it is time for you to conduct a purge and remove the not-so-nice pictures. It should be your endeavor to upload only quality photos. You can also utilize Instagram’s filter feature to add color and warmth to your photographs.

Use #Hashtags

If there is a room full of followers, #hashtags are the doors to that room. When you accompany a post with relevant hashtags, you give Instagram an idea of who to show your post to and that how you get to generate relevant followers. Without hashtags, your pictures will be free floating in the Instagram sea of oblivion.

How to maintain your new followers
Fresh content
Post Regular Fresh Content
New content is the juice that will retain and attract new followers to your account. Post regular high-quality images. Followers distaste a dormant Instagram feed – you will start losing followers if you fail to post interesting pictures.

Organize a contest
Organize a contest
The contest could be something like the best vacation pictures where your tour company awards winners with a full pain hiking trip. It could be the best bikini pictures where your fashion store awards the winners with a set of new lingerie. Contests can be anything to excite your followers and get them talking about your brand. To qualify for the competition, you can ask new users to follow you or use your hashtags in their posts.

Create a Community
Invest some effort into managing your many followers. Make them feel appreciated by taking part in their daily lives, liking and commenting on their posts. That is how you will build a loyal community of followers. Tag them, mention them, chat with them, provide insight, suggestions, tips, recommendation all in a friendly way.

Be Relevant
Take time to study and analyze your followers. What are their interests? What do they post or talk most about? That will help you calibrate and optimize your Instagram content to suit their desires. Posting irrelevant content might have you lose many of your followers.


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